Custom Reports - Reporting Pool

Reporting Pool

The Reporting Pool is used to store details of customer(s), sales invoice(s), etc. that will be used to populate the name and address fields, etc. when Custom Reports generates your boilerplate letters. The Reporting Pool can be accessed from the [ Context Menu | Customer Reports ] in the following screens:

  1. [ Supplier ] tab
  2. [ Customer ] tab
  3. [ Sales Invoice ] tab
  4. [ Sales Orders ] tab
  5. [ Catalogue Requests... ] dialog
  6. [ Returns ] tab
  7. [ List Manager | List ] tab


The context menu options are:

  • Report Preview: opens the report preview dialog.
  • Add Selection to Reporting Pool: either the current row, or multiple rows that have been green-selected, can be added to the Reporting Pool from the grid.
  • Clear Reporting Pool: allows you to empty the Reporting Pool.
  • Report Designer: Opens the Report Builder.
  • Choose Reporting Pool Type: in practice, each grid is linked to a reporting pool type (e.g. customers); the currently selected pool type is ticked.

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