EPOS Transaction Items

The EPOS Transaction Items area below the Order Information Pallet changes between displaying the items being added to the order and the payment details of the order when the user presses the BtnEPOSPaymentX.jpg button. Note: if the item added to the grid is not in stock then it will have a red background.

Transaction Items

The default grid that all sold items populate as they are added.


  • Code: the Stock Code for the item.
  • Description: the stock items Description.
  • Qty: the Quantity being sold, exchanged or returned.
  • Price: the Sell Price for that item.
    Note: if there has been a price change the changed price will be displayed.
  • Disc%: the Item Percentage Discount field.
  • Barcode: the area where stock items can be added using the following fields:
    1. Stock Code
    2. Other Ref
    3. Bar Code from the Stock Item Barcode table.
  • Extended Description: enables the user to add an extended stock description to the item selected in the grid above, see How To: Add an Extended Stock Description to an item using EPOS.


  1. An additional column can be added titled PF displaying where the price is taken from and the calculation method, either Net or Gross calculated from the system settings. If you wish this option to be enabled please email Support.
  2. An item line will go red if the quantity added is below the available level.

Payment Transactions

Displays all the payments being applied to the order.


  • Description: the payment type.
  • Amount: the total amount of that payment type.
  • Payment: once a payment type has been selected an alternative amount can be defined here.

EPOS User Login

ScrEPOS3cX.jpg is accessed when any EPOS User Panel EPOS User button is pressed.

Item Price Change

ScrEPOS3dX.jpg is accessed when the BtnEPOSPriceChgX.jpg button is pressed.

Item Percentage Discount

ScrEPOS3eX.jpg is accessed when the BtnEPOSDiscItemX.jpg button is pressed.

Order Price Discount

ScrEPOS3fX.jpg is accessed when the BtnEPOSDiscL.jpg button is pressed.

Order Percentage Discount

ScrEPOS3gX.jpg is accessed when the BtnEPOSDiscPercX.jpg button is pressed.

Lay Away Retrieval

ScrEPOS3hX.jpg is accessed when the BtnEPOSLayAwayX.jpg button is pressed.

Item Quantity Change

ScrEPOS3iX.jpg is accessed when the BtnEPOSQtyX.jpg button is pressed.

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