How To: Add a Sales Source to an EPOS Sales Order

Sales Source can now be added to EPOS sales orders allowing the EPOS sales to be reported on by sales source.


System Values

  1. Open [ System Values | Sales | EPOS ] tab.
  2. Tick the Sales Source Prompt option.
  3. Click on OK.
  4. Restart Khaos Control.
    Note: all users must be logged out of Khaos Control and then log back in for this option to take effect.

System Data

Create the required Sales Source, see How To: Create a Sales Source.

Adding the Sales Source to a Sales Order

  1. Open the EPOS screen screen (show me how).
  2. Log into the EPOS Terminal
  3. Click on the EPOS customer button button to select a customer (Optional).
  4. Add stock by:
    1. Entering or scanning a stock items into the Transaction Items Bar Code Box:
      • Stock Code
      • Other Ref
      • Barcode
    2. Drilling down using the Stock Type buttons.
    3. Clicking on the EPOS stock list button button to open the stock lookup dialog.
  5. Press the EPOS Enter button button to add the item to the order if not added via a barcode reader.
  6. Repeat until all stock has been added.
  7. Click on the BtnEPOSPaymentX.jpg button in the Key Pad section.
  8. Select the Sales Source from the drop down and click on OK.
  9. Choose your payment type from the Key Pad section.
  10. Enter the Tendered amount in the Payment Transaction box.
    Note: if the tendered amount does not match the order total, press the EPOS Enter button button to display the change to be given. This appears next the the Show button above the grid.
  11. Press the EPOS Enter button button to process the sales.
  12. Dispense change if required. The amount due will be displayed after the order total.

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