How To: Consolidate Purchase Invoices

Consolidating Purchase Invoices allows one or more Delivery Notes to be rolled-up into a single Purchase Invoice.
Note: once the Received Quantity for a stock item on the Delivery Note has been completely invoiced, it will not be possible to post any further Purchase Invoice quantities for this Delivery Note line(s).

  1. Open a Delivery Note screen (show me how).
  2. Find the delivery notes you wish to consolidate into a single purchase invoice.
    Tip: to consolidate all delivery notes for a single company click on the Company grid heading, to find all delivery notes associated with a purchase order click on the PO# heading.
  3. Check that the delivery notes do not have an associated purchase invoice, if they do and it has not been posted (see note below) then delete it, see 'How To: Delete a Purchase Invoice'.
  4. Green select the Delivery Note(s) you wish to consolidate.
  5. Right-click and select 'Consolidated Purchase Invoice'.
  6. A warning message appears listing any invoices that have already been created for the delivery note(s) selected, click on Yes.
  7. In the Confirm popup a second message asks the user wants to add new items from the delivery note that haven't been invoiced:
    • NO: Khaos Control will create an invoice for all the items on the delivery note whether they have been invoiced previously or not.
    • YES: Khaos Control will only create an invoice for items which haven't been invoiced previously. If everything has already been invoiced on the delivery notes(s) then Khaos Control will abort the invoice creation and display a message informing the user that this is what the system has done.
  8. A consolidated purchase invoice will be created.

Note: If a Delivery Note already has an invoice that has been posted then you should NOT delete it for the following reasons:

  1. If it has been posted and has a taxable element this will have been committed to your tax return.
  2. Any links to payments will be cancelled.

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