How To: Create a Purchase Order from a Supplier Return

When returning items to a supplier it is often the case that the goods in question are still required. Khaos Control's Supplier Returns functionality allows you to generate a Repair or Replacement purchase order as the direct result of a supplier return, providing ease of booking in when the items arrive back in stock.

Step 1 - Setting up the Return

  1. Create a new Supplier Return (see How To: Create a Supplier Return 8.182).
  2. BtnTriStYesXP.jpg Tick the 'Repair / Replace Item(s) checkbox.
  3. Select the expected delivery date from the 'Repair Due Date' drop-down field.
  4. Press Ctrl+S or click the disk icon is the button bar's SAVE button to save the Supplier Return.
  5. If the items are not being sent back to the supplier immediately, click the 'put items into the Returns Bin' button.

Step 2 - Sending the Items Back for Repair or Replacement

  1. Click on the Create partial credit note button in Supplier Returns button, this will:
    1. Remove the items from the Returns Bin and...
    2. Create a Purchase Credit Note.
  2. Confirm the message and then click OK in the popup.

Step 3 - Booking the Repaired/Replaced Items back into Stock

  1. When the repaired/replaced item(s) arrive back from from the supplier, the user will need to book these into Khaos Control using the normal delivery process, ensuring that the items are those from the Purchase Order that was created from the Supplier Return. The Purchase Invoice that is then created will need to be posted by checking the Post Invoice checkbox for it to also appear on the [ Supplier | Statement ].
  2. Locate the Purchase Credit created in Step 2. A Purchase Credit Note is created because a stock item has been removed from stock and sent back to the supplier. Therefore the stock numbers are down for this item for accounts purposes (stock numbers/value).
  3. Post the Purchase Credit Note so that it appears in the [ Supplier | Statement ] screen. It can then be used to pay for the replacement item.


  1. Partial Credit Notes are not available when using the repair/replace option.
  2. We recommend that on the [ Supplier | Statement ] screen, the Purchase Credit Note from the Supplier Return is used to pay for / offset the Purchase Invoice for the replacement items as this helps when tracking payment allocations.
  3. Repairs or Replacements that have occurred as a result of a Customer Return will not be associated with the new Purchase Order. These associations can be created in the usual way, please see; How To: Create an Association between a Sales Order and Back Order/Purchase Order.

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