Supplier Return Credits Dialog

The Supplier Return Credits dialog details the credits that have been generated as the result of a supplier return being processed in the Return to Supplier Tab. The information is updated when a return is processed and also when the Purchase Credit Note is updated for example when you receive the credit note from the supplier. The dialog is accessed from the context menu option 'Supplier Credits' in the Supplier Return.

The dialog consists of the grid.

Supplier Return Credits Dialog

  • Document:
    • Inv ID: the Invoice ID which is automatically assigned by the system. This value cannot be changed and is used in the accounts section as a reference to the originating document.
    • Inv Code: this is the suppliers invoice reference. Defaults to 'NONE'. It is displayed in the tax register screen.
    • Stock Code: the stock code of the items being returned.
    • Invoiced: the date from the purchase credit note used to record suppliers invoice date. This will default to when the credit note was created.
  • Qty:
    • Credited: the number of items credited on the credit note.
    • Returned: the total number of items being returned per stock item.

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