How To: Delete a Supplier Return when using Warehouse Control

After creating a supplier return you may find you need to delete it, for example the supplier informs you that they do not wish the stock to be returned to them. When using the Warehouse functionality when the Supplier Return is deleted the stock must be returned to a location within the warehouse.

  1. Open a Supplier Return screen (show me how).
  2. Click the dustbin icon is the button bar's DELETE button to delete.
  3. In the Confirm popup click on Yes.
  4. In the Information popup click Ok after reading the warning.
  5. Close the deleted return.
  6. Open a Warehouse screen (show me how).
  7. Click on the Perform Location Movements button in the Warehouse List screen. button to open the Location Move dialog.
  8. Select the [Main Site - Returns Bay] from the top Warehouse From dropdown box.
    Note: the 'Main Site' is whichever site the supplier return was created and deleted in.
  9. Find and focus on the item that was on the deleted Supplier Return in the top grid.
  10. Select the [destination location] from the bottom Warehouse To dropdown box.
  11. Press F4.
  12. Enter the amount of items you want to put back in the [destination location].
  13. Untick the Add to Batch checkbox.
  14. Press F8 or the move stock button button.
  15. Repeat if the item needs to be put into multiple alternative locations or there are other items from the deleted Supplier Return that need to be added into another location. If you wish to write off the stock see How To: Write Off Stock from a Warehouse.

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