How To: Hyperlink to Courier Consignment Tracking websites

Where consignment references are known to Khaos Control and the Courier provides an Internet website-based consignment tracking service, it is possible to create a hyperlink that can be accessed from the Sales Invoice's right-click context menu and may also be included in any "Your goods have been despatched" emails generated by Khaos Control. The courier tracking can be added into email templates so that the customer can track their order.

The courier reference entered against a sales order can by "hyperlinked" to a website. To do this:

  1. Open a System Data screen (show me how).
  2. Go to [ Courier / Shipping | Couriers ].
  3. Press Alt+E or click the green triangle icon is the buttonbar's EDIT button to enter edit mode.
  4. In the 'hyperlink' column for the required courier, enter the website link with a parameter (the parameter being "<REF>") to be replaced by the consignment reference when entered. For example:
    • DHL:<REF>
    • DPD:<REF>
  5. Press Ctrl+S or click the disk icon is the button bar's SAVE button to save the updated courier with the hyperlink reference.


  1. Where a consignment reference is present and the courier has a hyperlink configured in system data, it is possible to launch the hyperlinked-website by right-clicking on the consignment reference and selecting 'Track Package' from the context menu in [ Customer | Detail | Customer Service | Sales Orders/Invoices ] . This will launch the website link, replacing the "<REF>" parameter with the entered consignment reference.
  2. If the courier has no hyperlink configured in system data, or the consignment reference is blank, then nothing will happen when 'Track Package' is selected.
  3. The consignment reference for the sales order can be accessed from [ Customer | Detail | Customer Service | Sales Orders/Invoices ] and [ Sales Invoice | Detail | Staged Processing | Shipping ].

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