Prepaid Postage Impression

Prepaid Postage Impressions (PPI) are commonly used when sending large quantities of mail, as they offer a simple alternative to postage stamps or franking machines.

As of May 2012, Royal Mail provides PPIs for the following delivery speeds or products:

1st Class
2nd Class
Advertising Mail (Big Book and Heavyweight options)
Royal Mail Tracked®
Special Delivery

PPI Logos

In the same month, Royal Mail announced they were changing the design of their prepaid postage impression with effect from 23 June 2012 (although the existing PPIs may continue to be used until 2 January 2013).

  • PPIs will now include a "Delivered by Royal Mail" logotype in order to to make it easy to identify whether Royal Mail, or another company, delivered each item of mail.
  • PPIs in jpeg format, which are suitable for use with Khaos Control, can be generated using Royal Mail's Online PPI Producer. Four sizes are available:
    58mm x 30mm
    54mm x 14mm (replaces 35mm x 14mm)
    80mm x 22mm
    93mm x 26mm
    Specimen prepaid postage imprint (PPI), 30mm x 58mm Specimen prepaid postage imprint (PPI), 26mm x 93mm
  • As described in File Locations, we recommend saving PPI image files to "K:\KeystoneSoftware\Images\Logos\"

Where can PPI images be used in Khaos Control?

Khaos Control can print Prepaid Postage Impression (PPI) images in several places, for example:

  • When using Direct Image Print to print labels.
  • When printing Picking Ticket, Delivery Note and Sales Invoice reports, etc. to stationery that incorporates a peelable label.

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