How To: Insert an Image into an Email

Inserting Images into Emails uses HTML and is an Advanced User feature.

Inserting an image into a Message Template requires using HTML and therefore the whole message must be configured using HTML.

This page is about inserting an image into your message template, this can only be done if your message template is in HTML. For more about editing HTML in the HTML Editor see How To: Use the HTML Editor.

  1. Create a Message Template, see How To: Setup Email Templates.
  2. Tick the HTML Format checkbox.
  3. Right Click in the Message Template area and select HTML Editor.
    Note: this is where the rest of the body of the email can be constructed, once saved it will appear with the HTML tags in the Message Template area.
  4. Right Click in the HTML Editor and select "Insert Image...". Images larger than 100kb will be rejected.
  5. In the Picture popup:
    1. Add the Picture Source (image location) using the Browse button.
      Note: this should be located where the system can easily access it, for example the server.
    2. Add the Alternative Text, the text that will appear in the email if the user hovers the mouse over the image.
    3. Layout:
      • Alignment
      • Border Thickness
    4. Spacing:
      • Horizontal
      • Vertical
  6. Click on OK to close the Picture popup.
  7. Click on OK to close the HTML Editor popup.

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