How To: Attach an additional page to an invoice email containing terms and conditions

Basic Reports Setup is an Advanced User feature.

This How To details how you can add additional pages to an invoice, for example listing your terms and conditions. The letters in square brackets correlate to the image below.

  1. Follow the menu route [ System Operations | Basic Reports Setup ] to open the 'Basic Reports Setup' dialog.
  2. Double click on Invoice Report to drill down into the Invoice Report configuration.
  3. Select the relevant brand.
  4. Press the Basic Reports Design button button to open the Design tab and edit the selected report template.
  5. Using the subreport toolbar [A], ensure that the main report is currently selected for editing.
  6. Drag the boundary of the bottom item down slightly to expand it [B].
  7. Select the SubReport component [C] from the top component toolbar.
  8. Click in the newly formed space to add a sub-report to the report [D]. This ensures that the sub-report is clearly visible in the designer and that it is only printed once at the end of the report.
  9. Click to select the new SubReport component and in the Property Explorer [E] locate property section Generation and change property PrintBehaviour to pbSection [F].
  10. In the subreport toolbar you can now click on the newly created subreport and edit as necessary, adding labels, images and so on. This sub-report will then print after the rest of the report has been generated.

Attaching additional pages to an invoice email, for example containing terms and conditions

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