How To: Setup Purchase Order Emails

Creating and Editing Purchase Order Emails is an Advanced User feature.

Emails can be created, and possibly automatically sent, to the supplier using Khaos Control. There are two methods of creating a Purchase Order email and the one used depends on your business practices:

  1. Using Report type emails
  2. Using Purchase Order type emails

Note: ensure that email addresses are setup against suppliers. This can be done in two areas in Khaos Control:

  1. In the [ Supplier | Detail | Address ] screen.
  2. In the option in the [ Supplier | General ] tab, see How To: Setup Automatic Email Contact Preferences. This option allows the user to specify the email address to be used for Purchase Orders especially if the suppliers have several contact email addresses. Multiple email addresses can be setup against the Purchase Order using this method, allowing Purchase Orders to be sent to multiple email addresses.

Report Type Purchase Order Email

The Report Type Purchase Order Email option is used to send the Purchase Order manually using the Email this doc button at the top of the report, see How To: Send a Manual Email. This gives users the option of selecting the Email Template to use for the Purchase Order, for example new Purchase Order or an amendment to an existing one.


Create a Message Template with a Trigger Type of REPORT EMAIL, see How To: Setup Email Templates.


  1. Create the Purchase Order.
  2. Press Ctrl+P or click the printer icon is the button bar's PRINT button to print the Purchase Order (normally the last step of the Purchase Order creation process).
  3. Click on the Email this doc button in the report.
  4. In the Auto Email Options popup, select the Message Template to use.
  5. Tick the Send Immediately checkbox if appropriate.
  6. Click on OK to close the Auto Email Options popup.
  7. Close the Purchase Order.

Note: if you always wish to use the specified template for your Purchase Orders and send the email immediately then tick the Always use these options for this report option. However, if you select this option the system will not bring up the Auto Email Options popup. If you want to open the Auto Email Options popup in the future hold down the Shift key and click the Email this doc button instead of step 3.

Purchase Order Type Email

This method is used if you want to send Purchase Order emails automatically.


  1. Create a Message Template with a Trigger Type of PURCHASE ORDER, see How To: Setup Email Templates. Unlike the REPORT type Message Template, the PURCHASE ORDER Message Template contains tags that can be used in the subject and body of the email, for example the Purchase Order number.
  2. Create a Trigger Rule linked to the Message Template, see How To: Setup Email Templates with the following:
    • Tick the Attach PDF (if required).
    • Tick Send Email Immediately (if required).
    • Add the UPDATE STATUS condition to the Active Conditions and set the Lookup Value to either New (for a new Purchase Order) or Updated (for an updated Purchase Order).


When the Purchase Order is saved, the email will be created and sent, if configured to do so in the Trigger Rule.

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