How To: Lock Prices in Sales Orders

Normally Khaos Control will refresh the prices of goods on a sales order whenever the order is changed. Potentially this means the total selling price can change whenever a new payment is made, and this may cause issues for those businesses that agree the selling price when taking a deposit.

In order to prevent prices from changing automatically, Khaos Control allows selling prices on a sales order to be locked. This can be done on an ad-hoc basis for individual sales orders; a system-wide option also allows sales orders to be locked by default, once they have been saved.

There are two areas in Khaos Control that are used to lock prices on sales orders in order to prevent them being changed once the sales order has been saved or imported:

System Operations for the Default Locking of Prices on Sales Orders

Two options in [ System Operations | Edit System Values | Sales | Pricing ] allow the user to lock prices on sales orders either on Back Office/Telesales (keyed) orders, or on Imported (xml) orders:

Note: When ticked, these options will lock the prices on saving the sales order. If a sales order is imported, then the prices will be locked at the point of import. When the price is locked, the Price From information on the Sales Order screen will display 'Price Locked'.
  1. Lock Sales Order Prices (default=off): Sales Order item's prices will be locked (i.e. unchangeable) by default.
    Note: Copying a sales order (e.g. to a different customer) will also copy the locked prices, together with any keycodes that were on the original order.
  2. Lock XML Import Sales Order Prices (default=off): Sales Order item's prices will be locked (i.e. unchangeable) on Sales Orders that have been imported into Khaos Control (e.g. from your website).

Sales Orders

The Lock Prices checkbox in the [ Sales Order | Detail | Additional ] tab allows users to control the lock prices functionality for that particular sales order. If the lock prices functionality is on by default and the user creates a sales order, the sales order will be fully editable until the order is saved. Once it has been saved, the sales order's prices, discount rates and tax rates will all be locked. These prices are not affected by internal issues such as price bandings.

To unlock these fields the user un-ticks the checkbox on the [ Sales Order | Detail | Additional ] tab in edit mode. Once unlocked, the user will be able to edit the fields in the sales order.

  • If a sales order is saved with prices locked then, should the sales order ever be reopened and the prices unlocked, the price fields will be recalculated to use current prices (for example, any changes to stock price, promotional price, discount %, VAT rate, etc. will update the prices used on the sales order) when the order is re-saved.
  • 'Lock Prices' refers to the stock item prices only, not the delivery charge. Any changes which update the delivery charge, for example applying a keycode will result in the recalculation of the order total.

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