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The [ Sales Orders | Detail | Price Bandings ] tab allows users to see the active Price Lists attached to a customer while in an open sales order. This allows the user to inform the customer (if they are giving the order over the phone) that if they order 'x' amount more then they will get a better price.

The [ Sales Orders | Detail | Price Bandings ] tab consists of two sub-tabs, each consisting of two areas:


All the price lists grids have the same columns to identify what special stock pricing is applicable. The columns are as follows:

  • Desc: the short description for the stock item.
  • Low: the lower part of the quantity break or Quantity Start. This is an EQUAL TO OR GREATER THAN (=>) field.
  • High: the upper part of the quantity break on Quantity End. This is a LESS THAN (<) field.
  • Disc%: the percentage discount that is applied to the Sell Price as long as there is no price is specified in the adjacent column.
  • Price: the alternative price for the stock item. If discounts are used in the adjacent column then they are applied to this price.
    Note: prices within any price bandings grid can be either NET or GROSS as that is defined against the Price List they originated from.


  • The system will display which banding a stock item belongs to by highlighting the relevant banding in the price bandings tab with red text and light yellow highlight.
  • All Price Lists display grids are read-only.
  • Double-clicking on a pricing grid will open the promotions screen and take you to the definition of the price list that the grid is based on.

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