How To: Process a Return that contains Pack Items

The procedure for returning pack items depends on the pack type:

  • Packs (non-stock controlled parent)
  • Builds

Packs (non-stock controlled parent)

Returning the Whole Pack or Build

When creating the return from the sales order, select the pack header and all child items in the pack. A normal return can then be created.
Note: if you don't select the pack header and all the children the following message will appear:

Warning on pack selection for returns

Returning an Item from the Pack

  1. Open a Sales Order screen (show me how).
  2. Find and open the Sales Order which contains the child item to be returned.
  3. Double click on the items being returned and note the sell price, or the price to be used on the return.
  4. Return to the return.
  5. Select the child item lines which are to be returned.
  6. Click on the Return button button.
  7. In the Warning message, see below, Click on Yes.

    Warning message re returning child pack items

  8. Click Yes to the create return for selected item(s) dialog box.
  9. Create the appropriate return i.e. direct exchange etc.
  10. After clicking on the button the Set pack item refund value dialog will appear:

    Set pack item refund value dialog

  11. Enter the value or leave as 0.00 as required.
  12. Continue processing the return as normal.

Note: in order for extended descriptions to be copied over to the new credit note, you must tick the Copy Extended Description checkbox from the returns screen before clicking the button.

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