How To: Run more than one Legal Entity in a single Khaos Control database

If you require separate sets of accounts (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, VAT Returns, etc.) for each legal entity, this is not possible within a single Khaos Control database: a separate instance of Khaos Control is required for each accounting unit.

If you do not require a separate set of accounts for each business, you may be able to use one instance (depending upon your actual requirements).

License Sharing

Additional instances of Khaos Control can be set-up on customers' existing servers; where more than one Khaos Control database is running on the same server, existing user licences can be shared between the multiple databases.

Potential Costs

We are normally able to remotely install and configure an additional instance of Khaos Control onto an existing server, which will usually take between 3 and 6 hours. If an onsite visit is required, then our standard daily rate will apply, plus charges for any travelling over 8 hours and / or travel expenses.

In addition, an annual licensing fee applies for the additional Khaos Control instance, which will be pro-rated for the first year.

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