File Locations

Logos, product images, report templates and other linked files

To prevent network or other file access problems causing unnecessary problems, we strongly advise you keep all the files that Khaos Control users may need to access on the same shared drive (usually "K:") as Khaos Control.

We recommend you store these files within the KhaosControl directory structure as follows:

  • Logos and pre-paid postage impression(PPI) image files in "K:\KeystoneSoftware\Images\Logos\"
  • Product images in "K:\KeystoneSoftware\Images\Products\"
  • Report templates (having a .rtm file extension) in "K:\KeystoneSoftware\Images\ReportTemplates\"
  • COSHH data sheets and other shared documents (linked from the telesales tab on the stock screen) in "K:\KeystoneSoftware\Docos\"

Where more than one copy of the Khaos Control database exists (e.g. KHAOS and KHAOS_TESTING), we suggest that all documents, images, etc. be kept in the principal database directory structure where possible as this greatly reduces the chances of an out-of-date file being accidentally used.

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