How To: Understand Khaos Control system messages

When Khaos Control is unable to save a screen, it should popup a system message giving the reason. The number that appears in parenthesis in the system message dialog's header shows the number of messages applicable.

For example, if there is only one message, its title bar should look like:
The System Message dialog's title bar, showing the dialog contains one message.
There are two types of system message:
  • Action messages: these require you to enter data into a field on the screen (e.g. no sale source selected, when System Values are set to require entry of a sale source before a Sales Order can be saved). Pressing the "OK" button should return you to the appropriate screen tab, ready for you to enter the data.
    An action message is indicated by the red and white diagonal cross icon.
  • Warning messages: these can be overridden by clicking on the blue "Question Mark" button, which will then change to a green and white "Go Ahead Arrow".
    A Warning Message is indicated by the blue question mark icon.
Here are some examples of system messages, arranged by screen:

Sales Orders

Delivery amount is outside of boundary checks

This warning message appears, when attempting to save a Sales Order, if the amount shown in the Delivery field is outside the boundaries set in System Values.
The System Values dialog's 'Order Display' tab allows your System Administrator to set low and high limits on delivery rates (delivery boundary checks can be disabled by setting both 'Delivery Bounds Low' and 'Delivery Bounds High' to zero):

Sales Source Required

No sale source has been entered on the Sales Order, but System Values have been set to require a sales source to be entered.

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