How To: Understand Card Processing Error Messages

Card processing error messages:

E1: Card refunds have been disabled in the system configuration

This error message indicates either that:

  1. Refunds have not been enabled in the [ System Operations | Edit Credit Card Integration Settings ] dialog; or
  2. Refunds have not been enabled in your Payment Service Provider's back-end system.

INVALID 4020 - Information received from an Invalid IP address

This error message occurs whenever you try to perform a card transaction from an IP address that hasn't been setup on your sagepay® account.

What you need to do is:

  1. Find out what IP address your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has allocated to you.
    To do this: browse to - your IP address should be displayed towards the bottom of the screen (e.g.
  2. Logon to My Sage Pay with your normal account details.
  3. Press "Administration" button at top right of screen and then select "Account Parameters"
  4. Add the new IP address to the "Valid IP Address for this Account" section.
    Note: The subnet mask should normally be set to ""
  5. If you have a dynamic IP address, you should delete the old IP address in order to reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions occurring.

Note: This error should never occur if you have a static (i.e. fixed) IP address. The Khaos Control System Requirements document (available on request) states: "The customer's Internet connection should use a fixed public IP address if possible." Should your Internet connection currently be using a DYNAMIC IP address, we suggest you ask your Internet Service Provider to allocate you a STATIC IP address.

Invalid Response

Should communication between Khaos Control and sagepay® fail, either as a result of a connectivity problem or sagepay® having an issue at their end, the following message may be seen:

Invalid Response from SagePay

We recommend is that you check My Sage Pay to see if the payment has appeared:

  • If it has not gone through, then you are free to try again.
  • If it has gone through then you will need to obtain the authorisation code (this is shown in My Sage Pay) and perform a manual authorisation in Khaos.

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