Stock Detail Complaints/Extended Tab

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The [ Stock | Detail | Complaints / Extended ] tab allows users to enter comments and complaints about the stock item and also enter default extended stock descriptions for use on sales orders.

The screen consists of two areas:

Comments / Complaints

The 'Comments / Complaints' section is split into two sub-sections. The comment or complaint information is created in the section on the left. The customer reporting the comment or complaint is associated with the comment / complaint line. The comment or complaint can be linked to a stock item if necessary. The free-text section on the right is used to note down the corresponding comment / complaint description.

Stock Detail Complaints area

Comments and Complaints that are added from the stock screen are not and cannot be associated with any customer. Comments and Complaints added from the [ Customer | Details | CRM | Comments/Complaints ] tab and from a Sales Order are displayed with a cyan highlight, including a Comment/Complaint code. In addition the Reference column will have the Sales Order Code if entered from a sales order.

Comments and Complaints can only be deleted if they were added in this tab. Users must go to [ Customer | Details | CRM | Comments/Complaints ] tab to delete a Comments or Complaint which was added there. They cannot be deleted from the [ Stock | Details | Comments/Complaints ] tab.

Comments/Complaints Grid

  • Complaint:
    • TICKED: then the entry is treated and will reports as a complaint. Complaint reports can be accessed in [ CRM Manager | Complaints ] tab.
    • UNTICKED: then the entry is treated as a comment.
  • Stock
    • Stock Code: Displays the stock items stock code.
    • Stock Description: Displays the stock items description
  • Company
    • Company Name: If a comment or complaint was created from a customer records the company name will be displayed here.
  • Comment/Complaint
    • Reference: is a free text field and can be populated from the [ Customer | Details | CRM | Comments/Complaints ] tab as it is usually their reference or if the entry is made from a sales order it will be the Sales Order Code.
    • Compl.Code: is populated by the system with a sequential reference number in the format COM-Sxxx is created from this screen or a sales order or COM-Cxxx when a Comment or Complaint is generated from the [ Customer | Details | CRM | Comments/Complaints ] tab.
    • Compl.Date: the date the complaint was raised.
    • Priority: free text field.
  • Compensation
    • Customer: the amount of compensation due to the customer.
    • Supplier: the amount of compensation expected from the supplier.

Note: it is advisable to add a Comment or Complaint from the [ Customer | Details | CRM | Comments/Complaints ] tab as it gives more traceability. Also if you double click in the top right hand grid where the comment or complaint detail is held then it will ask you whether you want to copy the contents of the pane into notepad.

Context Menu

  • Goto Customer...: opens [ Customer | Detail | General ] screen for the customer linked to the comment / complaint.
  • Apply Value Range...: used to set a value for the line(s) / column selected.
  • Clear Selection: deselects the currently selected line(s).

Default Extended Stock Description

This allows a default extended stock description to be applied to the loaded stock description. This will then appear below the stock item's description when added to a sales order, see How To: Add Extended Stock Descriptions.

If multiple extended stock descriptions are added, they will all be displayed on the Sales Order in the order that they are displayed in the list. They cannot be ordered.

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