How To: Create a Comment/Complaint

  1. Open a Customer screen (show me how).
  2. Load the required customer record.
  3. Open the [ Detail | CRM | Comments / Complaints ] tab.
  4. Press Alt+E or click the green triangle icon is the buttonbar's EDIT button to enter edit mode.
  5. Click on the the NEW ITEM button has an icon that shows two sheets of paper (identified by having the top right corner folded down), arranged diagonally on the icon from top left to bottom right button (located to the top left of the grid) to add a new comment/complaint.
  6. If the line is for a new complaint, tick the 'complaint' checkbox; for a comment, leave unticked.
  7. If the comment/complaint is regarding a stock item:
    1. Click  or press F8 to open the stock lookup dialog.
    2. Find and select the stock item from the stock lookup dialog box.
    3. Double click the item or press 'Enter' to add the stock code and description it to the line.
  8. Press F4 in the Status field and select the required status from the list.
  9. If the user responsible is not the user logged in, press F4 in the User field and select the correct user from the list.
  10. Press F4 in the Complaint Type field and select the required complaint from the list (Optional).
  11. Click in the free text field below the entry line selected and enter any notes regarding the comment/complaint (Optional).
  12. If the user wishes to add an entry in the Communication Log for the comment/complaint, click the BtnAddtoCommlog.jpg button (Optional). This will open the [ Customer | Detail | CRM | Communication Log ] tab. To complete the Communication Log entry see How To: Create a Customer Communication Log Entry.
  13. Press Ctrl+S or click the disk icon is the button bar's SAVE button to save the entry.


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