Stock Detail Telesales/Internet Primary Sub Tab

For the Other Action Menu options (press F9 or the Other Actions Menu on the Button Bar) see Stock Other Actions Menu.

The [ Stock | Detail | Telesales / Internet ] tab contains two sub-tabs; the Primary sub-tab and the Secondary sub-tab.

Options in these sub-tabs such as Long Descriptions and Images can be used when setting up your stock prior to uploading to your website(s). See Web Categories for more information.

The Primary Sub Tab consists of the following areas:

  1. Web Teaser
  2. Long Description
  3. Images
  4. Comment
  5. EPOS Desc
  6. Show All Descriptions button

Web Teaser

The Web Teaser area provides the user with the ability to add 'Web Teaser' information to stock items so it can be used on their websites. Double clicking on the panel displays the [ HTML Editor ]. (max 8000 characters)

Long Description

The Long Description area allows the user to enter a long free-text description for a stock item (max 2000 characters) . For detailed instructions see How To: Add a Long Description for a Stock Item. This is useful for telesales operators who are asked for more detailed information about a stock item by the customer. It can also be used for HTML web site description, although Web Categories is probably a better choice. Double clicking on the panel displays the [ HTML Editor ]. This field can support Unicode, for more information please see the Unicode page.


Images can be assigned to a stock item for descriptive purposes. Detailed instructions can be found at How To: Add an Image for a Stock Item. The system will save the link to the location of the image file on the host computer or the server; it will not store the image within Khaos Control. Therefore, if the image is moved, the link will need to be updated; refer to File Locations. The type of image can be added to the image grid using the F4 lookup, and can be defined in [ System Data | Image Types ].

Action Buttons

  • BtnNewItem.jpg: opens a file search dialog box to find and link an image.
  • BtnSKAddURL.jpg: enables the user to display an image on their browser for the product. Once the image has been added the opens the image in a web browser button at the bottom of the image panel is used to load the image in a browser.
  • BtnDelItem.jpg: removes the image link that you are currently focused on.
  • BtnEdit.jpg: opens a file search dialog box to find a new image for the currently focused on link.
  • toggle button which switches between a mild zoom and a fit to page: a view toggle button which switches between a mild zoom and a fit to page.
  • BtnArrowUp.jpg: move the focused on image higher in the list order.
  • BtnArrowDown.jpg: move the focused on image lower in the list order.
  • BtnAlphaSort.jpg: sorts the image lines based on their Ord sort order value.

Images Grid

  • File Name: the image file location path.
  • Name: a user defined name for the image.
  • Description: a user defined description for the image.
  • Image Type: the type of image as defined in [ System Data | Image Types ] e.g. Thumbnail, Lo Res, Hi Res etc.
  • Ord: allows the user to control the order in which the images are used, for example when using Channel Listings the first image with the highest order will be the main image used when the listing is uploaded to eBay. The order is also used order images in the export XML file.

Please note, Khaos Control does not support CMYK JPEGs


The Comment area is an internal only free-text field for additional notes, and is not exported.


Text entered here will appear on an EPOS till quick sales buttons for this stock item.

Note: The text should be no longer than 7 or 8 characters long; otherwise it will not be fully be displayed on the EPOS button.

Show All Descriptions

Show all the stock descriptions for the stock item across the web site and channels: opens the Stock Show All Descriptions dialog displaying the Web Category and Channel paths for the current stock item along with the the short and long descriptions and web teasers for both the website and category, category sell price and image name.

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