How To: Build Stock Items using Warehouse Control

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Warehouse Location Control is not enabled by default.
Training must be completed before using the warehouse functionality.
Please email Development for more information.
Note: there will be additional costs involved if this option is enabled.

Warehouse Location Control is an Advanced User feature.
It contains complex, resource-intensive functionality and a decision to begin using it should therefore not be taken lightly.

Build items are constructed from other stock items. By default no automatic stock movements occur when build items are added to sales orders as the quantity built via the relationships tab affects the stock level.

Creating a new Build Parent Stock Item

  1. Open a Stock screen (show me how).
  2. Press Ctrl+N or click the New item icon is the button bar's NEW button .
  3. Define the parent item (stock code, description, pricing and stock types).
  4. Press Ctrl+S or click the disk icon is the button bar's SAVE button    to save.
  5. Define the Primary Pick Location where the Parent Item will be stored after it has been built.
    Note: the built item will only be stored in the first Primary Pick Location that has space available. If there is no space then an error will be returned.

Adding Build Child Items

  1. Open the [ Stock | Detail | Relationships ] tab.
  2. Press Alt+E or click the green triangle icon is the buttonbar's EDIT button to enter edit mode.
  3. Set the Relationship Type to 'Build' from the drop down box.
  4. Use the PackBuildAdd1.jpg to add stock items to the build (the Stock dialog box will appear to make selections from).
    Note: you cannot add SCS Parent Items.
  5. Enter the quantity of the selected item that you wish to added to the build.
  6. Click on OK in the Quantity popup.
  7. Add all items you wish to be included in the build.
  8. Press Ctrl+S or click the disk icon is the button bar's SAVE button    to save.

Building the Parent Stock Item

The parent build item must be built in order to create stock to sell.

  1. Click PackBuildBuild1.jpg and in the popup enter how many items you have build.
  2. Click on 'OK'.
  3. In the Build pick source locations dialog focus in the 'Locn (F8)' column for the first child item.
  4. Press F8.
  5. Double click on the location the child items are to be taken from.
  6. Repeat for all the child items, then press 'OK'.
  7. In the Confirm popup press 'Yes' to print the build report.
  8. The Stock item will be build from all the components and placed in the warehouse location highest pick priority and lowest alpha-numerical designation.

Note: the Auto Build option in [ System Values | Stock ] works with warehouse control functionality and places the parent item in ARRIVALS.

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