How To: Add or Update a Branding Address

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  1. Open a System Data screen (show me how).
  2. Double click on the [ Sales Order Processing | Branding ] line.
  3. Press Alt+E or click the green triangle icon is the buttonbar's EDIT button to enter edit mode.
  4. Focus on the Branding address line you wish to change the address for.
  5. Right-click and select Brand Address from the context menu.
    1. To add a new brand address:
      1. In the popup click on the Add new item button button.
      2. Add the first line of the address.
      3. Repeat to add further address lines.
    2. To update an address:
      1. Overwrite the existing address information.
  6. Press Ctrl+S or click the disk icon is the button bar's SAVE button    to save.

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