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Branding is for clients who use multiple sales outlets (e.g. where a company sells from two different websites). System Data sets the correct logos and company details for the documentation the customer will receive. The Branding page contains more information about branding and for help setting up branding see How To: Setup Branding.

Branding Grid

  • Brand Desc: description you know this brand by.
  • Company Name: the brand (or "trading as" name you want to be shown in the report's company name field (e.g. "My Brand Name").
  • Web Site: website address you want to be shown in the report's website field. (e.g. "").
  • Email: email address you want to be shown in the report's email address field. (e.g.
  • Tel 1: the primary telephone number you want to be shown in the report's telephone 1 field (e.g. "01476 567331 (tel)").
  • Tel 2: the secondary telephone number you want to be shown in the report's telephone 2 field (e.g. "0845 123999 (lo-call)").
  • Fax 1: the fax number you want to be shown in the report's fax field (e.g. 01476 567089 (fax)".
  • Special Text: can be used in a manner decided by each customer, for example, it could be a byline to appear under the logo (e.g. "Refreshes the parts other software cannot reach"), a statement regarding Sales Invoices being factored or, for companies in administration, the name of the administrator and the fact that the affairs and business of the company are being managed by him . This field is not currently exposed to the Basic Reports interface (this requires custom development, which may be chargeable).
  • References:
  • Reg Number: the registration number you want to be shown in the report's legal imprint (e.g. "My Brand Name is a trading name of Vast Holdings Limited, registered in Scotland number SC080723").
  • Reg Office: the registered office address you want to be shown in the report's legal imprint (e.g. "Registered Office: The Palace of Westminster, London, SW1A 0AA".
  • VAT Number: the VAT number to be printed on branded stationery.
    Note: Each Khaos Control system uses one (and only one) VAT register; an additional Khaos Control instance is normally required for each separate VAT registered entity. The facility to print different VAT numbers on branded stationery is provided to assist fulfilment houses, etc.
  • EORI Number: the Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number which is used by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to identify you and collect duty on your goods. This can be set per brand here.
  • IOSS Number: this is the EU VAT Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS) number as defined against the brand. This number will take precedence over the system set IOSS number.
  • DDI: Direct Dial In, requires the TAPI system to be enabled in Khaos Control. If required, please email Development.
  • Options:
    • Tax Relief: customers may qualify for VAT relief when purchasing specific stock items. For the system to exempt the item from VAT on sales order, Tax Relief must be enabled for the customer, stock item AND the sales order's brand, see How To: Setup and use Vat Relief Qualified.
    • Disabled: mark the brand as being no longer active so it does not display in the brand drop down lists.
  • Logo File: the logo to print on the report (refer to File Locations).
    Note: Logos (for use on Sales Invoice reports, etc.) can be set in the places listed below. Should logos be set in more than one place, the following hierarchy applies:
    1. [ System Data | Sales Order Processing | Sales Source ].
    2. [ System Data | Sales Order Processing | Logo ].
    3. [ System Values | General | Miscellaneous ].

Branding Context Menu

  • Brand Address...: multiple lines of brand address as you wish it to be shown in the eHAddrCompany field in the Basic Reports, this may include telephone numbers, website url, etc, see How To: Add or Update a Branding Address.
  • Brand Email Settings...: opens the Brand specific email settings dialog allowing the user to setup brand-specific sender addresses for automatically generated emails.
    1. The options configured here do not affect emails generated from Report Previews using the 'Email This Doc'/'Email All' functions.
    2. When these options are not defined, then the default values in [ System Values | Contact Manager | Emails ] will be used.
  • Assign Logo Filename...: allows use of the "File Open" dialog to select your brand logo file.
  • Apply Value Range: allows the user to specify a value that is to be applied to all of the currently selected rows/items for the current column.
  • Clear Selection: deselects the currently selected line(s).

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