How To: Check your VAT Rates before processing a VAT Return

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It is possible to check the VAT rates for the VAT Return you are about to process before processing:

  1. Open an Accounts screen (show me how).
  2. Open the [ Tax (VAT) ] tab.
  3. Click on the BtnTaxAnalysis.jpg button.
  4. In the Tax Analysis popup:
    • Select a date range using the date range filters.
    • Tick the Show All (or only non excluded) checkbox.
    • Click on Go.
    • Scroll to the right of the grid to see the Zone and the Code/Zone for the entry.[1][2]
  5. Click on Cancel to close the popup.


  1. Click on the Code/Zone column heading to sort the grid, alternatively to select a specific code, focus on the code in the column and press Ctrl+ Shift+R.
  2. The grid can be printed out, see Print Grid and Send to Notepad.

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