Extend Country Specific VAT to work for non-EU countries

Although this option has to be enabled it is part of the Accounts area of the system and will not incur additional charges.
If you wish to have this functionality enabled, please email Development.


Country Specific VAT has been modified and now works with RoW (Rest of World) countries as well as EU country VAT sales where the Net + VAT goes to the country tax register, but the net also appears on the UK tax register. This is for countries which have an option ticked within [ System Data | Countries ] called Include on UK VR.

Setup and Usage

For any non-EU countries that you wish to extend the Country Specific VAT to, you'll need to enable the Country VAT for that country and apply the tax rates as appropriate, see Country Specific VAT.

In [ System Data | Countries ] a new option called Include on UK VR controls whether the NET SALE value of the sales invoice will be posted to the UK VAT Return. The Net + Tax posting will be posted to the relevant country tax register as part of the normal Country VAT behaviour.

The Country VAT EC Sales Excluded option in [ System Values | Accounts | General | Miscellaneous ] overrides/supersedes the option Include on UK VR in System Data. For the values to be posted for an EU member country:

  • The exclude option must be off (unticked).
  • The Include on UK VR in System Data option must be enabled per country.

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