How To: Customer and Supplier

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The basic instructions for editing a customer (or suppliers) record are detailed in:
How To: Edit a Customer's Record.


List Tab

Create a New Customer

Delete a Customer/Supplier Record

Create a New Supplier

General Tab

Setup and Create


Financial Tab

Address Tab

Adding Addresses

Managing Addresses and Contacts

Deleting Addresses

Customer Service


Free Text Notes Sub-tab

Communication Log Sub-tab

Tasks Sub-tab

Comments / Complaints Sub-tab

Keycodes Sub-tab

Statement Tab

Create Payments

Cancel Payments

Allocate Payments

Settlement Discount

Credit Notes

Linked Customers


Structured Pricing Tab

Other Tab

Extended Stock Descriptions

History / Standing Items

Delivery Rounds / Call List

Overrider Discounts

Supplier Prices Tab

Other Actions Menu

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