How To: Enter a Monetary Discount on the entire EPOS sales order

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  1. Open the EPOS screen screen (show me how).
  2. Log into the EPOS Terminal.
  3. Create and process a basic order or create and process an order with multiple payment types.
  4. At any point before payment click on the EPOS Manage button button at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Click the EPOS discount button button.
  6. Focus in the Order Price Discount box in the Transaction Grid.
  7. Enter the discount amount to be applied to the order in the Discount Value area.
  8. Press EPOS enter button to apply the discount to the order.
  9. Select the reduction reason from the popup.
  10. Continue processing as described in How To: Create and Process a Basic Order or How To: Create and Process an Order with multiple payment types

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Entering a discount amount for an order will override any order percentage discount. The system will warn the user that this is about to happen.

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