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Keycodes (also known as Campaign Codes, Marketing Codes and promotional codes) are at the heart of all marketing campaigns run in Khaos Control. They affect a number of different types of promotion in Khaos Control, for example Catalogues, BOGOFs and Telesales Prompts which can be linked to a Keycode. The advantage of using a keycode is that they enable accurate and powerful analysis of promotional campaigns and, as a result, are vital to maximising the benefit of the Sales Analysis functionality in Khaos Control.

You can flag a keycode as a Discount Code which allows multiple customer unique discount codes to be created. If a customer has multiple discount codes they can use them for one sales order as long as they have been generated against different keycodes and the discount code was created against their record. When the discount codes are added to the Sales Order, the discounts defined against the discount code will be applied to the Sales Order, see How To: Automatically Generate Unique Discount Codes for Customers. These discount codes can be emailed to the customer, see How To: Email a Customer with their Unique Offer Code.

How the system handles keycodes depends on where the sales order was generated, see dealing with keycode discounts for manually and imported sales orders.

The Keycode area contains three sub-tabs:

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