System Values - Couriers - General

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System Values - Couriers - General

  • Label path: if your courier supports label images, this is the path where the label images are stored.
  • Print command: this is the command used to print courier documents, for example it will launch Adobe Acrobat. This is only applicable if your courier integrations support documents.
  • Convert to PDF files:
    • TICKED: the system will convert the PDF files to images for printing or embedding.
    • UNTICKED: an external program (e.g. Acrobat) will be launched to handle PDF files.
  • Save to converted PNGs: if the above option is ticked then the PNG files will not be deleted after they have been printed.
  • User per-user printer mappings for courier export: when ticked, any printer name set up for a courier against a particular user in the [ System Data | Courier Printer Mapping ] screen will be preferred over the value setup in the courier configuration.
  • Prevent Printing if Printer Name Option is Blank: when enabled, printing of labels will not occur. This is useful if you are using integrated labels and want to prevent printing multiple copies of the same label.
  • Courier Assign Order: determines the order that selected invoices will be assigned to courier - either Invoice Code or Sales Order Code order.
  • Exclude non-physical items from exporting to couriers: when enabled, stock items marked as non-physical are excluded from being exported to couriers.

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