017411 Integration with Payment Sense PDQ for EPOS

Integration with Payment Sense PDQ for EPOS is not enabled by default.

Please email Development for more information.
Note: there will be additional costs involved if this option is enabled.


Khaos Control have integrated the EPOS system with the Payment Sense cloud-based Connect functionality to allow users to take Chip and Pin payments within Khaos Control using Payment Sense terminals.


The integration with Payment Sense, allows users to take card payments and issue refunds from within the Khaos Control EPOS system, using Payment Sense terminals.

When selected to take a card payment, the user has a choice of which available terminal to use to take the customer's payment. The terminal will then be sent the amount required and when the payment has been taken, this information is returned to EPOS and a corresponding Sales Order is created.

Taking payment can be cancelled either from EPOS or at the terminal and informs the user that it has been cancelled. The user is also notified if the payment does not go through, the cancellation message is:

017411 Integration with Payment Sense PDQ for EPOS - Cancellation message

Other failure indications include "Unable to get an available terminal". This message informs the user that there are no terminals available, the host address is incorrect or blank, the API key is incorrect or blank.

Print options

There are three new options after the EPOS "Print" button has been selected:

017411 three new options after the EPOS "Print" button has been selected

  • Print PaymentSense EOD: prints an end of day report via the PaymentSense terminals.
  • Reprint (PaymentSense): reprints the last receipt processed by Payment Sense on this EPOS machine.
  • Show Terminals (PSense): displays all currently available Payment Sense Terminals and can be used to identify them via their id number. Which can be obtained by pressing F3 on the terminal.
    Note: it does printout a fairly large amount of information in addition to the ID number.

The ability for Payment Sense terminals to take payments which require a signature is not currently supported.


Your system will be configured to use Payment Sense, once this has been done you will need to enter your "Host address" and "API Key" provided by Payment Sense, in System Values:

  1. Open [ System Values | Sales | EPOS ] tab.
  2. Enter the Host address for Payment Sense.
  3. Enter the API Key for Payment Sense.
  4. Click on OK.

017411 configuration


Typical usage

  1. Create a sales order, see How To: Create and Process a Basic EPOS Sales Order.
  2. Process a card transaction as usual within EPOS, the user will be asked which Payment Sense terminal to use for the payment from the list of those available:

    List of available terminals.

  3. The transaction is then sent to the Payment Sense terminal selected, where the money is taken with the terminal status mirrored on the EPOS screen.
  4. The details of the payment are then returned to EPOS and a corresponding Sales order created within Khaos Control.
  5. The user then does another card transaction and as long as it is still available, the system will use the same terminal automatically. If not available the user gets to pick from the list of those terminals which are available.

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