017753: Channels 2.0 - eBay - cancel listing when stock level hits 0


When using Channels 2.0 once the stock level reaches 0 the eBay listing can be cancelled.


In order for this to work, eBay must be set up to allow the use of Out Of Stock functionality.

  • Locate an item that is already linked up and sending stock status.
  • In Khaos set the quantity of the item to 0.

It may take a few minutes for the quantity to update on Azure, in order to check this:

  • Open the SirionRun application.
  • Go to the Export tab.
  • Set the dropdown to Objects.
  • Add the Client ID and Destination ID as specified above.
  • Set the Object ID to be SS:1-*StockID* (not entirely sure how you find the stock ID in cloud?)
  • Set a preferred format (either XML or JSON).
  • Click Process, it will show what the level of the item is.
  • Once this is showing as 0, go to the Simulate Upload tab.
  • Set the Client ID and Destination ID as above.
  • Set the Item ID to be 1-*StockID*
  • Set the dropdown to SS: Stock Status.
  • Click the Process button, it *should* succeed.

On eBay the level of this item should now be shown as 0, without having cancelled the listing.

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