018367: Modify Sales Invoice Manager Rules Postcode matching to match whole Postcode


Postcode matching can now evaluate both parts of a UK postcode in Sales Invoice Rules, Courier Bandings and Delivery rates.


Typical usage would include:

  1. Moving a Sales Order to a Manual Hold stage when it is from a specific post code How To: Automatically Move Sales Orders to a Manual Hold Stage when they are from Specific Post Codes
  2. Configuring courier services and delivery rates How To: Configure Courier Services and Delivery Rates

Notes and Caveats

  1. Khaos Control needs to be restarted after updating Invoice Manager Rules.
  2. Spaces are disregarded when matching postcodes, so that: PE15 would match with PE1 5XX, NG3 would match with NG31 4AA and PE1(space) would match with PE15 8AA

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