017903: Add Basic Labels to SIM right-click


Functionality has been added to the [ Sales Invoice Manager ] to allow printing of Basic Report Labels.


This new functionality can be accessed as follows:

  • The Print button icon on the Button Bar which now has the sub-menu Labels > Stock Labels (Basic Reports).
  • The Order Stage Reports button button which now has an additional option, Labels > Stock Labels (Basic Reports).


  1. An update and a changelog will be applied as a part of this development.
  2. Set any items which do not require labels to be printed as "Non-Physical item" in their [ Stock | Detail | Options ] screen.


Once Configured steps for usage are as follows:

  1. Whilst in the [ Sales Invoice Manager ] , green select any Invoices that require labels to be printed.
  2. Use either the Print button icon or the Order Stage Reports button button to open the Print Labels dialog.
  3. Select the report design that should be used in generating the labels from the Design drop-down.
  4. Define the number of Labels to print:
    • Same for each label: will print the entered number of labels for each item that is on the selected invoices.
    • Use Fields: will print as many labels as there are quantity for items on a Sales Order.
    • Qty per item: allows the user to set a custom number of labels to be printed for each item.
  5. Click OK to generate the labels.

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