Benefits of using Channel Listings

Channel Listings is not enabled by default.
Training must be completed before using Channel Listings.
Please email Development for more information.
Note: there will be additional costs involved if this option is enabled.

There are many benefits of using Channel Listings to list, manage and maintain your eBay listings.

General Features

  • Create, list and manage your listings on multiple eBay channels.
  • Use sites to control stock and order processing so that a channel is linked to a specified site, this helps if shipping internationally or selling items to different countries.
  • Define the percentage of available stock to allocate to listings; this can either be per channel or per individual listing when using eBay. This level can be automatically updated so the amount of stock listed will depend on what you have available; if sales are made through your website or via the phone then the levels of stock available for sale on the channel are updated.
  • Limit the quantity of stock that is visible to the customers on the channel. Useful for encouraging customers to purchase items if they think there is a limited amount available or so that your competitors don't see that you have a large number of a particular item and try and drive down the selling price.
  • Define the minimum quantities to be listed so that you appear to hold more stock than you currently have.
  • Brand your listings so that they are not associated with your company for example when selling seconds or customer returns on eBay.
  • Link your channel to a bank account making it easier to manage the virtual and actual payments, refund amounts and charges.
  • Link a keycode to your imported orders to track how profitable sales are from a channel.
  • Define a sales source to be used against imported orders so they can easily be filtered for when processing orders and reporting on sales per channel.
  • Track sales per channel.
  • Report on
    • The profitability of sales per channel.
    • The stock items that sell well or not on each channel.

Manage Listings

  • Add new listings to eBay defined by the stock items held within Khaos Control. For new channels or new stock items, listings can be created in Khaos Control and uploaded to your channel creating the listing for you.
  • Import your existing listings into Khaos Control where the stock items are present in Khaos Control the listing will be created for you.
  • Update the price of listings either by an amount or by a percentage discount or percentage increase of the current price.
  • Synchronise listing information between Khaos Control and the channel to ensure that Khaos Control and your channel are aligned to prevent over selling of stock.
  • List the same item on multiple channels, on eBay the item can have different attributes including descriptions in different languages, for example on eBay DE the descriptions would be in German.
  • Relist listings that have ended and maintain a link to previous listings for that stock item.
  • Size Colour Style
    • Use Size Colour Style listings to display products on channels with variation drop down lists. These can either pre-defined SCS items on Khaos Control or manually defined from individual stock items so they behave like SCS items on a Channel.
    • Update SCS live listings with new variants.
  • Open listings in your browser directly from the listing screen in Khaos Control.
  • Archive delisted listings, these can be viewed if needed.

Order Management

  • Import sales orders directly into the Sales Invoice Manager, this can be manual or automated and from more than one eBay account. Sales orders are then processed alongside orders created from other sources.
  • Automatically upload shipping notifications to channels including consignment information so this can be passed onto the customer informing them that their items have been sent.
  • Users can open the appropriate seller page directly from the Sales Order they are currently in making it easy to trace any issues with an order.
  • View the status of sales orders from all channels whether they have been paid for but not yet imported or if there has been a payment failure and if the order has been imported its current status in the Sales Invoice Manager. A visual indication makes it easy to see if there is an issue with an order.
  • Stock descriptions on imported orders can be overridden with the description on Khaos Control if it is different from that on the channel or the channel description is in a different language.
  • An Invoice Priority can be applied to imported sales order so that the warehouse operatives can easily spot orders from a specific channel in the Sales Invoice Manager.
  • Prefix the order code from a channel as it appears in a sales order making it obvious which channel the order has originated from. This is particularly useful if you have multiple channels for example more than one eBay channel.

Stock Management

  • Maintain stock control either using automatic ringfencing (where stock is reserved specifically for that listing) or assigning a percentage of your available stock to a listing.
  • Update the available quantities manually or automatically for listed items based on the stock levels held in Khaos Control. This ensures that the available levels of your listings are updated as stock is sold or purchased.
  • Delist listings manually or automatically as stock becomes unavailable.
  • Maintain listings even when your stock level is zero: on eBay once an item has zero stock available for sale then the listing is ended. However, Khaos Control can be setup to maintain the listing even when there is no stock available. Once stock becomes available the listing is updated and the items are available for sale again maintaining your ranking and the feedback for the item being sold.
  • View the channels and web sites a stock item is listed on, along with descriptions and categories for the item.

eBay Features

  • Enhance your eBay listing with a HTML template, for example adding your logo and using your colours, advertising your other products and offers.
  • Link your eBay shop to your listings and add your store categories to listings.
  • Sell using eBay Buy now or Auction:
    • eBay Auction:
      • Define the, Buy it Now price, Reserve price and Start price.
      • View the number of bid counts and watches for auction items.
    • For Buy Now
      • Set the minimum and maximum display quantities at listings level as well as channel level.
      • Set the percentage of stock assigned at listings level as well as channel level.
      • Add a Buy Now price to a listing.
      • Enable a Best Offer to be made against a listing.
  • Keep the listing live even if you don't hold the stock.
  • Define the listing duration including GTC.
  • Set the payment types including linking your account to your PayPal account.
  • Manage your PayPal payments.
  • Set the listing to require being paid for immediately by the customer.
  • Describe the item's condition from the eBay standard descriptions.
  • Images:
    • Use different images on eBay from those used on your website or catalogue.
    • Update images for listed eBay items for example if you wish to show products with a seasonal background or where a new colour has been added to a range of items.
    • Add images for each SCS variant that change according to the variant selected by the customer in the channel.
    • Watermark images with your details.
  • Define your return policy per listing for example whether you accept returns, who will pay the postage and how long the customer has to return an item.
  • Use templates to set the same or similar values across multiple listings.
  • Shipping:
    • Setup shipping rates for both domestic and international shipping. These can be prioritised. Free shipping can be setup. If shipping internationally the countries you ship to can be defined.
    • Link listings to use the shipping tables setup on your eBay account.
    • Set the additional shipping cost so that the customer pays a reduced fee or has free shipping for each additional item they purchase from you.
    • Define the number of days it takes for an order to ship.
    • Allow a listing to be 'Get It Fast'.
  • List a product just using its code, for example EAN, GTIN, ISBN, MPN brand and MPN code automatically filling in all the details including adding an image from the eBay stock. This is particularly useful when selling books and DVDs.

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