Channel Listings Training Course

Training must be completed before using Channel Listings.

Channel Listings is an Advanced User feature.

If you are interested in the Channel Listings Training Course, please email Training for more information.


eBay are important selling channels in the marketplace. Khaos Control has an integrated system for listing stock items and importing sales orders into Khaos Control efficiently with many processes being automated.

Benefits of Channel Listings

There are many benefits of using Channel Listings, below are some of the main ones, for a more comprehensive list see Benefits of using Channel Listings:

  • Maintain stock control with assigning a percentage of your available stock.
  • Import sales orders directly into the Sales Invoice Manager, this can either be manual or automated and from multiple eBay accounts.
  • Select the correct courtier when importing sales orders.
  • Integrates with eBays Global Shipping Program.
  • Link to eBay Seller Profiles.
  • Automatically upload shipping notifications to eBay.
  • Open and view listings in your browser window.
  • Open the relevant sales information screen on your eBay seller page directly from a sales order.
  • Import your current listings from eBay.
  • Setup and maintain templates to list items on eBay, for example shipping options, listing duration, categories, payment options etc.
  • Enhance your eBay item description with a HTML template file.
  • The current listing status information is one one main screen.
  • Update the quantity and price of your listings easily.
  • Automatically update the status of your listings.
  • Define SCS listings and updating live listings for example when adding a new colour.
  • Define manual variations, individual stock items that behave like SCS items on a Channel.
  • View the number of bid counts and watches for auction items.
  • Define different images for different channels or for different listings.
  • De-list, Relist and archive listings.
  • View the current status of sales orders across channels.


The course consists of a series of videos that can be watched at your own convenience.

Prior knowledge

A working knowledge of stock and purchasing as well as selling on eBay is required.

Topics Covered

The Channel Listings course covers:

  • Setup and configuration, for example managing your stock levels, linking the different type of images to channels, sales source etc.
  • Stock setup including:
    • Images for listings, per channel, for SCS and manual variations.
    • Display quantities on the channels.
    • Listing a percentage of available stock to be listed on the channel.
  • Setting up the channels and adding eBay categories.
  • Creating and preparing channel listings and defining values.
  • Setting up and using SCS items and manual variations including adding images for eBay listings.
  • Listing process for eBay.
  • Updating existing listings.
  • eBay Stores, binding store categories.
  • Setting up Stock Description Template files.
  • Channel Listing Management, understanding errors that occur and dealing with them.
  • View the current status of sales orders.
  • Importing Sales Orders
  • Shipping notifications.
  • Importing Existing Listings from eBay.

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