Customer Payment Linking Dialog

The Link Customers button in the [ Customer | Detail Statement ] tab opens the Customer Payment Linking dialog enabling users to create a statement link between two or more customers. This is useful when dealing with a group of customers for whom statements and invoices are sent to a central head office, this functionality lets the system maintain a central statement, see How To: Link Customers. In addition, it will enable head office payments to be entered, which can then be allocated across multiple linked customers. Transactions that originate from a linked customer are shown in blue.

  1. Statements are sent to the HQ not the child companies.
  2. The merging of customers whose records have been "linked" is not supported.

Customer Payment Linking dialog

The Customer Payment Linking dialog box.
This contains a single grid:

  • URN: the company URN of the linked company.
  • Customer: the names of the customer/company linked to the parent company.

Customer Payment Linking Context Menu

  • Link Customer(s): opens the customer lookup so a customer (or group of customers if green-selected) can be linked along with their outstanding balances.
  • Remove Link(s): removes any links, including any outstanding balances for the selected customer(s).
  • Clear Selection: deselects the currently selected line(s).

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