How To: Attach Multiple Payments to a Single Invoice

  1. Open a Customer screen (show me how). (or Open a Supplier screen (show me how).)
  2. Find and load the Customer / Supplier.
  3. Open the [ Statement ] tab.
  4. Create the payments, see How To: Create Payments.
  5. Green select the payments / credits in the top grid (Allocate From).
  6. Green select the invoice in the grid below (Allocate To).
  7. Right-click in the top grid (Allocate From) and select [Allocate Multiple to Selected Invoices]].
  8. In the dialog, confirm the allocation.


  1. Users can use this method to apply multiple payments to multiple invoices.
  2. Payments will be allocated to selected invoices in order, regardless of value.
  3. This will not work if the [ User Allocate ] checkbox is ticked.

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