End-User Stock Course

If you are interested in the End-User Stock Course, please email Training for more information.


This course covers the basic stock setup and maintenance, defining relationships (Packs and Builds), creating SCS items and setting up Supplier Price Lists.


This course can be carried out at our offices in Grantham or on-site at our customer's offices.
Note: if training at your offices then it is important that the training environment is conducive to learning.


This course lasts half a day and can be combined with other courses, for example Purchasing or the time can be used for ad-hoc training.

Prior knowledge

A basic understanding of the system would be useful, but not essential as an overview can be included.

Topics Covered

The topics covered on the Stock course include:

  • Stock List Screen
  • Create New Stock Item
  • Copy Stock Item
  • Overview of the Stock Screens
  • Comments and Complaints
  • Extended and Long Descriptions, Adding Images
  • Maintenance:
    • Block Changing Stock Attributes
    • Write Off/Quarantine
    • Stock Adjustments
  • Stock Relationships:
    • Overview
    • Creation of Packs (Move With)
    • Creations of Kits (Build)
  • Size, Colour, Style:
    • Overview
    • Defining SCS Attributes
    • Creation of Parent & Child Stock Items

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