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What is the Graph Option?

The Graph option allows the user to create a line or bar chart graph to analyse information for selected values in the grid.

Benefits of using the Graph option from the Tools Menu

Where is the Graph option?

The Graph option is available by clicking on the Grid Menu button button found to the left of grid column headings and selecting [ Tools | Select.../Graph... ] from the options.

Graph dialog


  • Analyse by:
    • Frequency: the recurrence of the value.
    • Totals: total values.
  • Graph:
    • Ranges of values: groups of values.
    • Based on date: the date, the date options depend on the current screen.
    • Discrete values: individual values.
  • Date Group: group the results by:
    • Day
    • Week
    • Month
    • Year
  • Bar chart checkbox: when ticked displays the results as a bar chart rather than a line graph.

Example of Using Graph...

To view the value of orders over the past year by month:

  1. Go to the [ Sales Orders | List ] tab.
  2. Change the date filter to display a year's worth of results, i.e. 01 February 2011 to 01 June 2011.
  3. Focus in the Amount column.
  4. Click on the Grid Menu button button and select Tools and then Graph.
  5. Select Totals in the Analyse by section.
  6. In the Graph section select Based on date and Created (the date the sales order was created).
  7. In the Date Group section select Month.
  8. Tick the Bar chart checkbox.
  9. Click on OK.

The bar chart will be displayed with the dates along the X axis and the total amounts along the Y axis, for example:

Example of using the graph

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