How To: Paste data into a grid

Pasting data into a grid is an Advanced User feature.
It is very easy to corrupt data when pasting multiple rows into a grid.
Do this at your own risk!

Administrators and other users who have the 'Print/export grid' user permission are able to paste data from Windows clipboard into a grid.


  1. Take a backup of the database (it may be impossible to correct any data corruption that may occur when pasting to a grid, unless an up-to-date database backup exists), see Backup Overview.
  2. Ensure the grid is in edit mode.
  3. Copy data from the grid into the clipboard (e.g. using Ctrl+C to copy the selected cells).
  4. Paste the data into your editor of choice (e.g. Microsoft Notepad).
    Note: we do not recommend using word processing software (such as Microsoft Word) to edit data you intend to paste into grids.
  5. Edit the data as desired.
  6. Copy up to 100 rows of data from your desired editor into the clipboard.
  7. Click in the cell of the grid where you want the first row of data to be pasted.
    Note: take care that the grid has not be sorted or filtered.
  8. Paste the data from the clipboard into the grid (e.g. using Ctrl+V).


  1. Not all grids support pasting from the clipboard.
  2. A maximum of 100 rows of data may be pasted at a time.
  3. The position of rows in the grid must not change between the time when data is copied from the grid and the time when it is pasted back into the grid.
  4. Whilst it is possible to paste symbols, etc. that use extended character sets into grids, this is not advisable. For example, should unsupported characters from an alternate extended character set be present in the stock description, they may break the xml files used to integrate with your website.

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