Grouping in Grids

Grouping in Grids

When data is returned in a grid in Khaos Control, it is possible to group the data displayed based on the column that you are currently focused on. All fields with a numerical value will show a total for each group returned.

Why Group?

Grouping data in a grid enables you to analyse data in more detail without having to export to a spreadsheet, or other reporting tools. Where this can be most useful is when you wish to report on a range of items / customers / suppliers and group the report into sections for each individual class, type, customer or stock item.

How to Group

In the grid focus in the column you wish to group by and press Ctrl+G alternatively, click on the Grid Menu button button found to the left of grid column headings and selecting 'Group Ctrl+G ' from the options.

Which grids support grouping?

Not all grids in Khaos Control support grouping, the following grids do:

Reports including Sales Summary

Sales Orders





Sales Invoice Manager

CRM Manager


  • Depending on the screen numerical columns can be totalled.
  • The information can only be grouped once.
  • If you group on a column holding dates the Group Options popup will be displayed so the user can group by:
    • Day
    • Week
    • Month
    • Year

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