How To: Add a Comm Log Entry to a Quotation

Telesales staff can add a communication log entry associated with a quote. Salespeople and their manager can use the CRM detail for each opportunity, which shows the number of contacts that were generated against a single quote and the number of days since the last contact, to determine which opportunities to follow up and how to prioritise them.

  1. Open a CRM Manager screen (show me how).
  2. Open the [ Quotes (Opportunities) ] screen.
  3. Set the filters to bring back the quotation you're interested in.
  4. Click on the Go button.
  5. Focus on the quotation you wish to add the communication log entry to.
  6. Right-click and from the context menu select New Comm Log Entry....
  7. In the Comm Log Entry Dialog:
    1. Add a description.
    2. Add a response (Optional).
    3. Select the CRM Type.
    4. Click on OK to close the Comm Log Entry Dialog.
  8. Click OK in the Information popup.
    Note: you will need to click on the Go button to refresh the grid to see the CRM count.

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