Sales Orders CRM Comm Log Tab

For the Other Action Menu options (press F9 or the Other Actions Menu on the Button Bar) see Sales Orders Other Actions Menu.

The [ Sales Orders | Detail | CRM | Comm Log ] sub-tab is available from the [ Sales Orders | Detail | CRM ] tab along with the following tabs:

The sales order grid is common to all sales order detail tabs.

Sales Orders CRM Comm Log Tab

The [ Sales Order | CRM | Comm Log ] sub-tab shows any communication log entries for the customer held against this specific sales order. Once the entry is made here it will appear in the customer's [ Customer | Detail | CRM | Communication Log ] and the SO Code will be populated with the relevant sales order code. See, How To: Create a new Communication Log entry against a Sales Order.


  1. The entries that users are able to see can be restricted, see How To: Restrict CRM Entries for Users.
  2. Double-clicking on an entry that has an linked document will open the document.
  3. Documents including images, pdfs etc. can be dragged and dropped into this this grid. Once added they can be loaded by double-clicking on them.

Comm Log Grid

  • Attach: indicates if any attachments have been added to the Communication Log entry.
  • User: the user who made the Communication Log entry.
  • Contact Type: the type of contact as defined in [ System Data | Contact Manager | Comm Log Types ].
  • Date and Time: the date and time of the Communication Log entry.
  • Description: the description of the contact with the customer.
  • Response: the response, if any, to the contact.
  • Nxt Date and Nxt Time: the next date and time the customer is to be contacted.
  • HL: indicates if the entry is highlighted in the customer's Communication Log screen.

Comm Log Context Menu

  • Goto Customer: opens the customer record for the quotation currently focused on.
  • New Comm Log Entry: opens the Comm Log Entry Dialog enabling users to enter the relevant details, see How To: Create a new Communication Log entry against a Sales Order.
  • Open File: if a linked document exists then this option opens it.
  • Colour Legend: opens the Colour Legend dialog which informs the users of what certain highlights in the grid represent.
  • Clear Selection: deselects the currently selected line(s).

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