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For the Other Action Menu options (press F9 or the Other Actions Menu on the Button Bar) see Customer Other Actions Menu.

The Company Comm Log is used to add and view entries for the currently loaded customer or supplier. This section is often used by telesales operators to quickly add communication entries for customers and suppliers, for example customer inquiries, accounts related queries, images of damage to items the customer has received, copies of correspondence sent by customers or sent by you to your suppliers, details about emails sent out and entries relating to chasing quotations. Documents, including images, can be linked to entries in the Comm Log. If the user double-clicks on them, the associated document or image will be loaded, if more than one document is linked to an entry the Manage Linked Documents dialog is loaded so the user can double-click on the document they wish to view, see How To: Attach Documents in the Communication Log. Entries linked to complains or emails will have [Complaint] or Email listed in the description. Entries that users can see can be restricted, see How To: Restrict CRM Entries for Users.

The main communication log can be found within the CRM Manager and can be used by the sales team as a prospect monitoring/follow-up tool. See How To: Add a New Customer Comm Log Entry.

Entries can be made from:



  • User ID: filters by the user who created the CRM entry.
  • Contact Type: filters by contact type.
  • Date Range: filters by the date that the CRM entry was made.
  • Next date (Range): filters by the date the next contact is due.

Top Action Buttons

Communication Log Grid

  • Attach checkbox: indicates if any attachments have been added to the Communication Log entry.
  • User: the user who made the Communication Log entry.
  • Contact Type: the type of contact as defined in [ System Data | Contact Manager | CRM Contact Types ].
  • Date and Time: the date and time of the Communication Log entry.
  • Source: where the entry has originated from, for example Email, Order/Quote (either a Sales Order CRM tab or the Quotes (Opportunities) screen) and List Mgr. If the entry has been made in this screen then the Source will be blank.
  • Description: the description of the contact with the customer.
  • Response: the response, if any, to the contact.
  • Nxt Date and Nxt Time: the next date and time the customer is to be contacted.
  • HL checkbox: if ticked then the line will be displayed with a red background.
  • Src Code: the source document code such as complaint codes when linked to a complaint entered in the [ Customer | Detail | CRM | Comments / Complaints ] tab or sales order codes associated with the entry in the [ Sales Orders | CRM | Comm Log ] tab.
  • Contact (F8): add a specific contact to the Comm Log entry, pressing F8 allows the user to select the contact from a drop down list. The contact must already be setup in the [ Customer | Address ] screen.

Grid Configuration

The following columns can be added into the grid using Grid Configuration. They are hidden by default. Please see Grid Configuration for more details:

  • Days: this is a hidden column that can be activated via the 'Configure Grid' option in the grid menu. It shows the number of days since the entry on that line was made.

The user must have permission to be able to configure grids in [ System Data | Users | User Permissions ].

Communication Log Context Menu

  • Set Next Action Date & time: opens a dialog box that enables users to set the 'Nxt Date' and 'Nxt Time' fields for the selected line.
  • Clear Next Action Date: Removes the information from the 'Nxt Date' fields for the selected line.
  • Manage Linked Documents: loads the Manage Linked Documents dialog allowing the user to add or edit the documents or images linked to an entry, for example the file name and path.
  • Goto Sales Order / Quote...: opens the sales order or the quotation associated with the line currently focused on.
  • Associate with Sales Order / Quote: opens the Associate with SOrder dialog. The user can select a sales order or quotation from the list and the order number will be added to the SO Code in the grid. The entry will also appear in the [ Sales Orders | CRM | Comm Log ] screen.
  • Duplicate F11: creates a duplicate of the selected line.
  • Colour Legend: opens the colour legend popup so you can see what the colours in the grid indicate.
  • Apply Value Range: allows the user to specify a value that is to be applied to all of the currently selected rows/items for the current column.
  • Clear Selection: deselects the currently selected line(s).

Bottom Information Pane

For long descriptions and responses these are shown in full here and can also be edited here too.

  • Description: the description of the contact with the customer, the same as the Description in the grid above.
  • Response: the response, if any, to the contact the same as the Response in the grid above.

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