How To: Create a new Shopify Channel

WARNING: The information included on this page in only available within Khaos Control if Channels 2.0 is enabled

Khaos Control Setup

  1. Type chan into the command window .
  2. Press Ctrl+N or click the New item icon is the button bar's NEW button . (This is found in the Menu Bar at the top of the screen)
  3. Select Shopify from the dropdown menu and press OK.
  4. Enter the Channel name, and set the import options accordingly.
  5. Enter the following details to link Khaos Control to your Shopify channel:
    • Shopify URL
    • Shop Access Token
  6. The following option is for Shopify channels only:
    • Download POS Orders: This controls whether or not the system will download orders created via the Shopify EPOS gateway, and how it does so. Using the dropdown, it's possible to select whether to import the orders using generic customer details or specific customer details (if captured at the point of sale).
  7. Configure the Channel Specific Values within the [ Channel | Detail | Setup ] tab.
  8. Press Ctrl+S or click the disk icon is the button bar's SAVE button to save.

Shopify Setup

The following steps enable you to link your Shopify channel in Khaos Control to your Shopify seller account.

Accessing your Shopify URL and Access Token


The following process is required in order to authorise integration between your Shopify account and Khaos Control:

  1. Login to your Shopify Account.
  2. Click APPS (Not Add Apps)
  3. Click App and sales channel settings
  4. Click Develop apps for your store
  5. Click Allow custom app development
  6. Click Create an app
    • App Name - this should be something that helps you recognise the integration in Shopify in the future.
  7. Click Create app
  8. Click Configuration - Admin API Integration and allow the app to access everything
  9. Click Configure
  10. Set the following;
    • Customer details and customer groups - set to Read and Write.
    • Orders, transactions and fulfilments - set to Read and Write.
    • Products, variants and collections - set to Read and Write.
    • Inventory - set to Read and Write.
    • Fulfillment Services - set to Read and Write.
    • Merchant Managed Fulfilment Orders - set to Read and Write.
  11. Click Save
  12. Click API credentials
  13. Copy the API Secret Key to a secure location.
  14. Exit the screen.

Setting the Credentials Against Your Shopify Channel

The following process links your Shopify Channel in Khaos Control with your Shopify store and assumes that you have completed all of the following:

  • Defined a Private App for Khaos Control against your Shopify Account
  • Created a Shopify Channel in Khaos Control
  • Defined a Stock Item Matching Heirarchy
  • Defined Group Values and Datasets for the Channel

Once all of the above is completed you are ready to define your credentials:

  1. Log in to Khaos Control and type 'chan' in the Command Window to load the channels screen.
  2. Load the Shopify channel you wish to configure.
  3. Go into Edit mode.
  4. Enter the URL
  5. Enter the API Secret Key for your Shopify store.
WARNING: You'll only be able to reveal your Admin API token ONCE so copy an past this somewhere secure
  1. Click the Save button. Khaos Control will contact Shopify, confirm the credentials that have been provided and link your channel with your Shopify store.

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