How To: Identify an EPOS Sales Order

This page explains how to tell if a Sales Order was generated in the back office or by the Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) functionality. EPOS sales orders have the following characteristics:

  • An EPOS sales order in the [ Sales Orders | List ] screen is identified in the Sales Order Type column by:
    • ES: EPOS Sales Order.
    • ERE: EPOS Return Exchange Note.
      Note: to find a a (RC) Return Credit linked to a EPOS Exchange Note select the Context Menu option Goto - Goto Source Return Note, once on the Return click the Goto button for Credit Note for items coming back.
  • They have an entry in the EPOS table.
    Note: this would require a Data Query to be written and executed.
  • The associated reference would have an EPOS reference.
    Note: it is usually easiest to look for the associated reference on the relevant Sales Order or Return Exchange. If this is not an EPOS reference, it's likely not to be an EPOS generated order, with the exception of Credit Notes for Return of Exchange Orders.

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