How To: Import Existing eBay Listings

Training must be completed before using Channel Listings.

Channel Listings is an Advanced User feature.
  1. Open a Web Configuration screen (show me how).
  2. Open the [ Stock | Channel Listings | Listings ] screen.
  3. Click on the Operations button in the Channel Listings Listings Tab. button.
  4. Select Check Status and Synchronise, the following warning will appear:
    Check status and synchronise option in Channel Listings
  5. Click on OK.
  6. A pop-up will be displayed with a progress bar and the current actions that the system is performing; the rate of progress will depend on variables such as the number of listings to import, the speed of the connection and ebay's response.
  7. The eBay Inventory missing from Channel Listings dialog is displayed[1].
  8. The system needs to be able to match the listings with a stock items on Khaos Control[2]. If the Create checkbox is ticked, then the listing has been matched and will be imported, if it is unticked then you will need to manually match the stock code and listing. These items will have -N/F- in the stock code column (item not found in Khaos Control):
    1. Focus in the Stock Code column.
    2. Press F8.
    3. From the Stock Lookup find the stock item and double click on it.
      Note: if it is a SCS stock item select the parent item.
    4. For SCS and variation stock items each child stock item in the lower grid can either be matched by stock code F8 or by eBay barcode like the non-SCS items in the grid above [3].
  9. Once all the listings you wish to import have been matched to stock items in Khaos Control, click on OK.[4][5][6]


  1. ? You can print the contents of the grid so you can check the items that have been returned as listed in eBay but not in Khaos Control using the Print Grid and Send to Notepad options.
  2. ? The matching hierarchy is:
    1. Stock Code = eBay SKU
    2. eBay Barcode = eBay SKU
      Note: if the Update checkbox is ticked then the system will update eBay SKU to the Stock Code on Khaos Control, if the Update checkbox is not ticked then the system will add the eBay SKU into the eBay barcode.
  • ? The format of the Khaos Control SCS stock items MUST match the format of the eBay SCS items, for example Colour then Size in both but Colour then Size in Khaos Control and Size then Colour on eBay will not work:
    Variant 1 Variant 2 Result
    Khaos Control
    green tick
    Will import
    Khaos Control
    red cross
    Will NOT import
  • ? If the category for the item does is not found on Khaos Control it will appear in the Category column in the eBay Inventory missing from Channel Listings dialog prefixed with -N/F-. When the listing is imported Khaos Control will add the categories and any sub categories into the Channel Category Tree.
  • ? The HTML Stock Description Template will NOT be applied to any existing listings that are imported, however, it can be updated, see How To: Update the Title and Description for Listed Items.
  • ? If the listing you are trying to import already has an entry within the channel listings screen/web configuration screen the system will recognise the entry within Khaos Control and skip the listing import as it thinks that the record already exists. To get around this you will need to delete the listing/stock item from the listing manager/web configuration screen and then run the check status and synchronise process again.

  • What is, or is not, imported

    1. Images will be imported from eBay with the description of Imported from eBay.
    2. Long descriptions are not imported.
    3. Channel Value Template settings are imported.

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