How To: Print Stock Labels for Warehouse Batches

Stock labels for warehouse batches can be printed for the currently selected lines (or all lines if none selected). The number of labels per line is controlled by the quantity being moved.

  1. Open a Warehouse screen (show me how).
  2. Click on the Perform Location Movements button in the Warehouse List screen. button to open the Location Move dialog.
  3. Build up or open an existing batch, see How To: Move Warehouse Stock.
  4. Right-click on the Batch Move grid on the right of the dialog.
  5. Select 'Stock Labels' on the context menu.
  6. Select the appropriate label format from the drop-down and click 'OK'.
  7. Use the 'Print' button in the preview window to print out as required.
  8. Click 'Close'.
  9. Process the batch and / or close the dialog, see How To: Move Warehouse Stock.


  • Labels can be printed either before or after the batch has been processed.
  • Labels can be printed for any batch (current or historic) that the user loads into the grid.

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